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# Title Department Research Member Research Year
1 Application of comparative life cycle assessment to a proposed building for reduced environmental impacts: Assiut University Hospital Clinic as a case study Architecture Engineering Department Dr. Ahmed AbdelMonteleb Mohammed Ali 2022
2 Environmental impacts assessment of rice straw brick as a substitutional sustainable building material in Assiut University Hospital Clinic Architecture Engineering Department Dr. Ahmed AbdelMonteleb Mohammed Ali 2022
3 Microchannel geometry vs flow parameters for controlling nanoprecipitation of polymeric nanoparticles Mechanical Engineering Department Mahmoud Salah Hosny Abdelkarim 2021
4 Performance improvement of hybrid renewable energy sources connected to the grid using artificial neural network and sliding mode control Electrical Engineering Department Prof. Ali Mohamad Yousef Ali 2021
5 Thermal performance, Embodied Energy and Environmental CO2 Emissions Analyses for Double Pipe U-bend Heat Exchanger Working with MWCNT/water Nanofluid Mechanical Engineering Department Dr. Bahaa Yusuf Mohamed Saleh 2021
6 Experimental investigation on damage and wave propagation of PVB laminated glazing structures under impact loading Civil Engineering Department Dr. Amr Abobakr Nassr 2021
7 Impact of energy storage of new hybrid system of phase change materials combined with air-conditioner on its heating and cooling performance Mechanical Engineering Department Prof. Hamdy Abo Ali Hassan Ibrahim 2021
8 Phase angle master curves of sulfur-extended asphalt modified with recycled polyethylene waste Civil Engineering Department Prof. El_SayyedMohammed Abdullah Mohammed 2021
9 Seismic pounding between adjacent buildings considering soil-structure interaction Civil Engineering Department Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed 2021
10 Energy, exergy, and economic analysis of tubular solar air heater with porous material: An experimental study Mechanical Engineering Department Dr. Mohammed Fekry Farah El-Dosoky 2021