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  • Welcome to

    Faculty of Commerce

    Assiut University

  • Welcome to

    Faculty of Commerce

    Assiut University

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Why Faculty of Commerce at AUN ?

The faculty of Commerce- Assiut University is the first in Upper Egypt as we deliver practical and theoretical business knowledge to our students to generate high quality research outputs.

Assiut university president, Menoufia University president, and Zagazig university president graduated from Faculty of Commerce at AUN

We teach our students social science that deals with the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services in the real market.

Dean of Faculty of commerce

Dean of The Faculty of Commerce

Since its start in September 1963, the Faculty of Commerce has undertaken many activities and achievements in various fields and areas. In addition the degrees offered, the Faculty introduces various services to the surrounding environment in Egypt and the Arab world via constant communication and exchange with its institutions. I would like to express my acknowledgements and appreciation to all former professors and deans who have carried out the responsibility of building and developing this faculty and who have had a great impact on the faculty. We work and aspire to have the enthusiasm to achieve more for our faculty.

I also wish to thank my colleagues, Vice-Deans, department heads, faculty members, teaching assistants, and all the staff for their cooperation and keenness on making great effort to achieve progress and development.

Prof./Abdel-Salam Ali Noer Mansour

Dean of the Faculty.


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